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What's NEW at Us 2 Behavioral Health Care?

Our team will help you navigate the life changes that occur from fertility, pregnancy, and birth. We believe if you thrive, your baby will too.

New Program: Girl Power Group

Creating a safe space that encourages girls to celebrate their strengths, develop leadership, create connection and embrace their journey of self-discovery.

Join Us: Tuesdays, 5pm-6pm

18-Week Closed Group Sessions

Start Date: Tuesday, November 7

Location: 119 N McCarthy Rd Ste P, Appleton WI 54913

Call to schedule: (920) 903-1060



Chloe Anderson Kemp


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"US" is symbolic of the idea that we're all in this together. "2" is symbolic of historically marginalized communities that are seen as second to others.


Us 2 Behavioral Health Care is a non-profit mental health organization. We don't just look at treatment and diagnosis, we look at how we can treat patients by understanding that cultural background is a strong component in how communities approach mental health and stigmas around it. We break financial barriers and provide access to anybody who walks through our doors, provide culture specific mental health counseling, understand our client's background, struggles, challenges, acknowledge and address social causes or racialized trauma and how it shows up in behavioral health.


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To advance health equity by removing barriers and creating an inclusive community where everyone can reach their full potential


E V E R Y O N E   H E A L T H I E R   T O G E T H E R


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We provide comprehensive and culturally-appropriate counseling services to individuals, families and groups ages 4 and older for, but not limited to: depression, bipolarism, anxiety, personality disorders, addiction, PTSD, emotional distress, adjustment disorders, loss death and grief, marriage family and relationship therapy.

We offer bilingual providers or interpreters, LGBTQIA+ providers, brainspotting, DBT intensive group therapy, an internship program, and training and consulting.

We accept various insurances including Medicaid and Medicare. Additionally we offer sliding scale fees for those who may be uninsured. Read about our No Surprises Act 2022.

Parent Support Group. Raising youth on the gender spectrum.

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School-Based Therapy. We partner with NJSD and AASD to provide short-term services to students.

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Perinatal Mental Health. PMADS is the #1 complication of pregnancy and childbirth.

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Training & CEU. We offer customized or organization-wide courses for you.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We are local consultants heavily invested in making our community a place everyone can thrive.

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. An evidence based practice indicated to treat several diagnoses.

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Applies a culture-first approach to trauma informed care

Heals with a holistic treatment plan

Builds personal resiliency

Empowers people to be experts in their own lives

MYTHS . . .

We are a minority-only clinic.

We only serve low-income individuals.

Services are limited to residents of the Fox Valley area.

TRUTHS . . .

Our diverse client-base is a reflection of the community.

We serve people from many socioeconomic classes.

Our services are open to any Wisconsin resident.

Serving WI since 2019

We provide services to anyone residing in Wisconsin. See the clientele breakout of various WI counties that we are serving. We make this possible with teletherapy. Wondering how we can help? Call us today (920) 903-1060.

*Current data as of May 2023

Green Lake


The pride flag colors each hold a different meaning and each color represents an important value of the LGBTQIA+ community. Red represents life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, indigo/blue for serenity, violet for spirit, black and brown for people of color, and pink, baby blue and white for trans people.


Help Us 2 fundraise by buying or gifting our unisex t-shirt. Sizes are limited to Adult and Youth.

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means everyone is afforded a fair and equal chance to be healthy. Barriers stemming from poverty & discrimination are removed creating a thriving environment where economic prosperity, education, housing, and health care are accessible to all