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Integrating culture into traditional therapy

If our therapy services and mission to champion health equity resonate with you, we invite you to join us in our quest to transform lives. Your contribution can be the driving force behind breaking down barriers, providing care to underserved communities, and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can access the healing they deserve. Be the change you want to see; donate today.

Our Unique Approach

Applies a culture-first approach to trauma informed care

Heals with a holistic treatment plan

Builds personal resiliency

Empowers people to be experts in their own lives

Comprehensive and culturally-appropriate counseling services:

Individual therapy

Marriage/Relationship therapy

Family therapy

Group therapy

School-based therapy

For, but not limited to:




Personality disorders



Emotional Distress

Adjustment disorders

Loss, death and grief

And more

We offer:

Bilingual providers or interpreters

LGBTQIA+ providers


Internship program

Specialty working with ages 4+

We accept various insurances including Medicaid and Medicare. Additionally, we offer sliding scale fees for those who may be uninsured. Read about our No Surprises Act 2022.

Group Therapy Programs

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) Group An evidence based practice indicated to treat several diagnoses with a team of therapists to offer encouragement, validation, and problem solving.

Parent Support Group Raising youth on the gender spectrum.

Perinatal Support Group A safe space to explore and discuss parenthood, changing identity and expectations, self-care and to give and receive support. Looking for individual perinatal therapy? Submit a referral form below.

Girl Power Group A program of self-discovery and empowerment for high school girls.

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