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If you believe in the power of our DEI training services to drive positive change, we ask for your support in making a lasting impact. Your generous donation will empower us to continue fostering inclusivity, diversity, and equity in workplaces and communities everywhere, contributing to a more just and harmonious world. Join us in this vital journey for a better tomorrow.

Equity, diversity and inclusion? Social justice? These concepts are becoming all the rage for organizations to shine a spotlight on, but what does this really mean? Leaders often find themselves feeling stuck and struggle to know where to start in order to move their organizations forward. The consultants at Us 2 Behavioral Health Care can help conceptualize these "buzz" words and transform them into an actionable roadmap for all types of organizations. We are local consultants heavily invested in making our community a place everyone can thrive.


D&I Consultant | Qualified IDI Administrator


Peter is a first-generation Hmong American born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin. He currently serves as a diversity and inclusion consultant who sees himself as a catalyst for cultural and systemic transformation in the Fox Valley. His professional experiences include working as an educator for the past 10 years in various communities across Wisconsin and Chicago. By building healthy and positive relationships, Peter seeks to establish safe and inclusive environments for everyone in the community to feel safe, respected, and connected.