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Sheng Lee Yang

Executive Director


Kinsey Pierre

Clinical Director


McKenna Garvey

Clinical Supervisor


Isaac Kabacinski

School-Based Clinical Supervisor


Kou Yang

Director of Strategy


Rachel Stehula

Operations Manager


Peter Lee

D&I Consultant


Sheng Lee Yang



As a first-generation Hmong refugee, Sheng has overcome many challenges and worked hard to create a positive impact in her community. Her journey from being resettled in Wisconsin as a young refugee to becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and perinatal mental health therapist.

Sheng's background as a former professor teaching social justice issues, mental health, and advocacy to social work students highlights her commitment to educating the next generation of social workers and mental health professionals about the importance of these critical topics. Her professional experiences in various sectors, include public, private, government, and nonprofit institutions. One of the most significant aspects of Sheng's work is her dedication to integrating social justice and cultural humility into behavioral health. This approach is crucial in ensuring that mental health services are accessible and sensitive to the diverse needs of the community, especially in her role as President and Executive Director of Us 2 Behavioral Health Care.

The opening of Us 2 Behavioral Health Care in 2019 reflects Sheng's vision of creating a space where everyone can work towards better mental health together. Her personal and professional journey is a testament to her commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in her community. Furthermore, her role as a proud mother of two young children adds an additional layer of perspective and empathy to her work, highlighting the importance of family and community in the context of mental health and well-being.

Board of Directors

Sheng Lee Yang

President & Chair

Kou Yang


Rachel Stehula


Rolando de Leon

Board Member

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Board Member

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Board Member

Joan Groessl

Board Member

Soua Lee

Board Member